Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Creativity

This year Halloween had the usual activities going on at our house: pumpkin carving, costumes, lots of sugar. When my girls picked out pumpkins, one already had in mind that she wanted to make a Larry pumpkin. When we finally got around to carving them, her sister decided that her pumpkin would make a great Bob.

Usually I spray the pumpkins with a coat of WD-40 to help keep them fresher. Since we carved them only a couple of days before hand, I didn't think it was necessary. Unfortunately, there were some squirrels that didn't like our choice of designs and decided to add their own touch the next morning. My girls were not amused with their Mike Wazowski pumpkins.

My youngest's pumpkin was untouched until a day later, and then, just a little on the bottom of the mouth. She commented that it lost a tooth. (She's got a good sense of humor).

This year my wife wanted to join a few other families for a Halloween party for the adults and the kids. This meant that she wanted us to dress up in our costumes that she had made for my college roommate's masquerade wedding (I was Robin Hood). The night before I gave my parents a call to borrow the old long bow from when I was a kid. Unfortunately, it was located at my nephew's house which was farther than I wanted to drive to (besides, my wife wasn't home, and the kids were in bed). Time to get creative.

I rummaged around in the garage and found a piece of screen molding. To bend it, I filled up the bath tub with hot water and wedged it in with a slight bend. After about an hour, I bent it more and held the center down with a brick. I left it in the tub overnight (which drains on its own I found out). After a couple of notches with a Dremel tool and some string I had myself a decent bow.