Friday, December 26, 2008

Kitchen Clocks

For most electronics these days, it's the little extra features that make people go "Wow!" or "I've got to have it." But one thing that has become ubiquitous on everything is a clock. Here are the clocks in our kitchen.

But my wife must really be driven by the clock (Not!). She wanted a kitchen clock to go on the soffit. The old one died and she didn't think it matched our walls anyway. Finding a clock to fit was a challenge. Most were too big to fit the space or just didn't look right. While Christmas shopping, I got inspired and decided I should build a clock. Not just a clock that would hang on the wall, but one that would be built into the wall.

Obviously I couldn't hide a built in clock before Christmas so I had a little bit of fun wrapping her gifts. First she opened a battery holder. The next package had a blank wall face plate and mounting bracket. She gave me a very confused look. :-) The final package had the clock mechanism, but it still wasn't obvious what I was up to.

Above the sink behind the wood panel I cut a hole for the mounting bracket and face plate. It is here the I reached my arm in to place the clock mechanism in the hole I drilled in the soffit. I soldered wires to the clock mechanism so that I could put the battery holder right behind the face plate.

My wife and I figure that if we ever move, the new owners will be scratching their head for a bit when the clock stops running.