Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Shelf

After the biennial room swap, my oldest daughter chose the upper bunk in the shared room (actually, she might have been assigned it now that I think about it). Many nights she and her sister are both curled up in their beds with a book (or two or three). The one problem with this arrangement was that there was no place for her to put her books. I'd been meaning to get around to building her a shelf and when she complained that she couldn't see her new clock from her bed, I finally took care of it.

So, yesterday after a nice lunch with our small group, I stopped by the library for some cheap used books (25¢).

After looking for a hard cover book with a title I could live with, I ended up with Queen, the Life and Music of Dinah Washington. I have no idea if it is a good book or not because I cut out most of the content.

The dremel worked ok, but the pages were getting a little singed. The box cutter ended up doing a pretty good job, but I had to cut from the other side once I was deep enough for the handle to get in the way.

I used a piece of decking I had lying around since it was just the right thickness to fit in this particular tome. It also afforded me a little more space to mount the keyhole brackets on an angle. I didn't have enough room to get them vertical and wanted to do better than a strict horizontal positioning. I was afraid that my daughter would bump the shelf side ways and knock it on her sister's head.

I glued the wood in the cutout section of the book and clamped it until the wood glue cured.

You can never have enough clamps...

After a couple of wall anchors, my daughter was set...

her very own "book" shelf.